The 2015 Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic will be held on Sunday, 03 May with entries opening on 1st January 2015.

Our History

Since 1988 an ocean swim from Wategos Beach to Main Beach has been held annually to raise money for selected charities and local organisations. Covering a distance of 2 klms, this Classic Swim is open to all competitors aged 12 years and above.
2008 saw the first running of a fun mini-swim event to introduce interested swimmers to the joys of ocean swimming. The 800 metre course from Clarkes Beach to Main Beach is open to all swimmers aged nine years and over.
Since 2013 we have had two new major sponsors: Byron Bay Property Sales, sponsoring the Ocean Swim Classic and Ky Hurst, sponsoring the Mini Swim. The swims, run by the Byron Bay Winter Whales, are now part of The Great Australian Swim Series - and will be the first of five in the series.

Community Donations

All profits from entry fees and sponsorship are donated to local charities including Byron Bay Surf Club, Camp Quality, Westpac Helicopter Rescue, Breast and Prostate Cancer Organisations, Marine Rescue, , St Johns Ambulance, The Salvation Army and Early Intervention etc. To date, the Byron Bay Winter Whales have distributed $590,000 to various charities.

The Swim won the 2012 Byron Shire Community Event of the Year.


The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic attracts a broad range of swimmers from throughout Australia. The event has been won by past Olympians including Grant Hackett, Ky Hurst and Melissa Gorman but many, including veterans, gain a huge sense of achievement from completing the course.

Byron Bay Ocean Swim Classic and Mini Swim

Increasingly swimmers come from further afield to participate in the Swim. Many from south east Queensland (Gold Coast and Brisbane) are joined by swimmers from Sydney and Melbourne. Interstate swimming clubs frequently use the Byron Bay Ocean Swim Classic as an end-of-season opportunity to visit the iconic town.

2 Different Races

The The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic is a 2 klm (approx) swim from Watego's Beach, around The Pass and across the Bay to Main Beach and is open to 12 year olds and over. The Ky Hurst Mini Swim is a fun event to introduce swimmers to the joys of ocean swimming and is an 800 m (approx) swim from Clark's Beach to Main Beach and, being a shorter event, is open to swimmers from the age of 9 years.

Byron Bay Ocean Swim Classic and Mini Swim

Quick Contact

Adress: PO Box 15, Byron Bay, NSW
Country: Australia

Phone: 0421 155 600


Byron Bay Ocean Swim Classic and Mini Swim