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The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic            

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Our thanks to our sponsors, supporters and all the folk that have been involved in previous years.

It was disappointing to be unable to donate as much as we traditionally have done, to our group of selected charities and local organisations due to 2020's cancellation. However there was a Donation Day on 30AUG20 with limited amounts and receivers.

At this time we are, naturally, unable to definitely confirm a swim on 02MAY21 BUT we are pressing on with planning to hold one then.  What format and procedures that we will have to follow to enable us to conduct the event is unknown and we reckon that 'normal' will have a new meaning to all involved.

 The Covid Safety Plans will come from the governing bodies up this way and will require adapability, quite possibly at short notice.

However the Winter Whales are keen to carry on as best we are allowed. 

Hopefully, See You in The Bay in May.

We have gone ahead and opened the entries as we usually do the first day of the year. We don't know what the next month will bring regards the course the Covid will run but  ...... 



The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic

The Byron Bay Mitre 10 Mini Swim